Tips for eating in India to avoid sickness

1) Only eat freshly cooked food. This is the best way to avoid getting sick due to bacteria or a parasite. Cooking kills everything.

2) Don’t eat salads, juices or anything raw. Uncooked food will inevitably be washed with contaminated water which will make you go running for the toilet. If you’re a raw foodist, I recommend you change your diet while in India.

3) Eat exclusively from respectable restaurants that are busy. Also try the 4 and 5 star hotels if you want to be certain of amazingly delicious, safe food.

eating-street-food-in-India4) Never eat street food. Some people brag about how they ate Indian street food and didn’t get sick but it’s simply not worth it. I even had a friend who died from an E. Coli infection due to eating unsafe Indian street food!

5) Probiotics and charcoal are amazing. Probiotics boost the good bacteria in your stomach, improve digestion and increase natural immunity. They are a must before traveling to India and especially during your travels. Charcoal tablets on the other hand are an incredibly effective way of stopping diarrhea and preventing dysentery. It quickly absorbs the toxins or pathogens that are causing the problem. As always, be sure to get advice form your doctor.

6) Avoid too much spicy food, especially chilli’s. Some spices are good but in my experience chilli’s act as a laxative which is probably something you don’t want.

7) Consider becoming a vegetarian while you’re there. India has the lowest meat consumption rates in the world (see graph below). The meat I’ve seen looks very unsafe, often hanging in the warm, open air with flies buzzing around. In fact, due to Hindu religious reasons, the state of Maharashtra has banned beef altogether. If you can, I recommend being a vegetarian while in India to reduce the chances of getting serious food poisoning.


8) Don’t overeat. It will weaken your digestion and immunity which makes you an easy target for bacteria. To help with my digestion and overall health I also take Organic Amla Berry tablets and another immunity boosting, ayurvedic herb called Bio-Immune.

eating-with-hands-in-india9) Use your hands – it’s fun! Your hands are often the cleanest utensil since you know where they’ve been and the joy of using your hands is well worth trying. Although, remember to use hand sanitizer!

10) Local’s restaurants offer all-you-can-eat meals for $1! Be wary of hygiene and only go to the best, busy restaurants you can find. Get advice from the locals.

11) Family home dining is a pleasure but take precautions. I’ve had the best food of my life at peoples homes. Again, it is important to be cautious and don’t drink tap water, only have cooked food. Also don’t eat too fast because they will keep piling the food on your plate and expect you to eat it and even force-feed you if you’re not careful! 🙂