Lonely Planet Experiences Private Delhi Food Walk Tour

Tour description

Go beyond the cliched curry and try some authentic Indian bites on this Delhi tour. From homemade ice cream to fruit beer and dumplings, Delhi's food scene is thriving and surprising.

This tour is priced for a minimum group size of two travellers. A solo traveller may still book this private experience but will be charged the base rate for two travellers.

Experience the best travel stories for yourself. Join a local expert and uncover hidden gems on this city adventure hand-picked by the world's leading travel publisher. Lonely Planet Experiences powered by Urban Adventures bring stories to life in the best-loved cities around the globe.


This delicious private Delhi food tour begins with a bit of local culture. Hop on a cycle rickshaw, one of the most colourful methods of transportation in Delhi, and pass through the city’s picturesque colleges and universities, stopping at an ancient Hanuman temple.

After visiting the temple, we head out to our first food stop and witness how fresh local shawarma (kebab) is made. From here, we’ll continue on to an iconic neighbourhood eatery that is popular with everyone, including students from nearby colleges. Here, you can enjoy a local favourite – fresh fruit beer – as well as momos (dumplings) and banta, a delicious lemon-based drink that’s an ideal refreshment for hot Delhi weather.

We then continue through the Kamla Market and emerge into a narrow alley full of delectable street food joints. This lane is a great spot for photographers and food lovers alike, and here’s where we’ll sample several local delicacies like golgappas and bhelpuri. Yum!

After sampling nearly everything we possibly can, walk it off through some beautiful nearby markets, admiring everything including the work of a local henna painter. Just when you didn’t think it possible, we’ll find more food! Sample some crispy potatoes, pao bhajji, and stop for the best homemade ice cream in Delhi, kulfi-falooda.

A little more walking through the bustling, fascinating streets of Delhi will lead us to our final stop – a sweet shop, where we’ll have the opportunity to try some fresh samosa, gulab jamun, and jalebi.

This delectable Delhi tour will leave you very satisfied and an aficionado of Delhi’s best local food, which you’ll be craving long after you leave this enigmatic city.

(If you’d prefer to travel as part of a regular group experience, please book our Delhi Food Walk group tour.)

This tour is priced for a minimum group size of two travellers. A solo traveller may still book this private experience but will be charged the base rate for two travellers.

What's included

  • Local English-speaking guide, rickshaw ride, entrance to Hindu temple, all food and drink as indicated.

What's not included

  • Items of personal nature, additional food beyond inclusions, tips / gratuities for your local guide.


  • Indulge in some of Delhi’s best local food, including shawarma, and kulfi-falooda
  • Tantalise your tastebuds with some non-alcoholic fruit beer
  • Explore the busy streets of Delhi and their famous street food stalls
  • Experience traditional local transportation on a cycle rickshaw ride
  • Mingle with locals at markets, restaurants, shops, and food stalls
  • Each Lonely Planet Experience comes with six-months free access to Lonely Planet’s Guides App which includes over 8,000 destinations guides and unbeatable discounts to Lonely Planet Guidebooks
  • Kamla Nagar is a local Delhi market which had the potential of attracting tourists, but local tour companies never took the initiative to introduce foreign visitors to the market. Urban Adventures were the first to do so and all the food vendors we support are local vendors who were introduced to the world of tourism by us.
  • The bhelpuri vendor you visit was selected as one of the top 3 nominees for Urban Adventures' streetfood50 award and he was so proud to be associated with us as his life story and struggles were appreciated and recognised by Urban Adventures.